Workflow Automation - streamlines processes to reduce costs

Improved customer satisfaction with self-servicing features. Easy to use, intuitive and affordable, Klear AI’s platform delivers self-servicing capabilities for your workers’ compensation management needs.


Ensure the best possible recovery for injured workers.

Easy to use, intuitive and affordable,’s workflow automation platform lets you target your valuable or limited program resources to better handle your auditing workloads thus allowing your team additional capabilities to address pressing needs.


Business Rule Driven

Scalable architecture, end to end workflow automation.

Anomaly Detection Techniques

Standardizes benchmarks increases transparency.

Statistical Techniques

Enhances claims accuracy, providing actionable feedback to examiners on adjudication.

Social Network Analytics

Modular by design, can automate the audit of functions like Fraud Management, Operational Management, Provider / Vendor Payment Management, etc.

Statistical Techniques

Highly secure with an option of Single Sign-on or Windows based authentication.

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